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Individuals or Pets: all prices in CAD funds
Head & Shoulders in black & white $80.00
Full body in b & w $125.00
Head & shoulders in color $135.00
Full body in color $185.00
Couples or Owner & Pet:
Head & shoulders in b & w $185.00
Full body in b & w $225.00
Head & shoulders in colour $225.00
Full body in colour $285.00
Themed background in b & w add $45.00
Themed background in color add $65.00
Car, bike, animal, etc., b & w (each) add $20.00
Car, bike, animal, etc., color (each) add $40.00

A Word About Digital vs. Traditional Art

Some would argue that anyone with a computer can produce digital art and thus, requires little or no artistic ability.  The fact is, if you can’t draw using traditional materials, you won’t do any better using a computer!  The computer is merely another tool in the artist’s toolbox, such as a pen , brush, pencil, etc.